Water Management

Since Xeriscapes Unlimited started in 1983, our focus has been on water conservation and water management that is responsible and cost-effective.

In addition to our award-winning, full-service landscape installation and maintenance services, we offer the Phoenix metro area’s best advice in water management.

As municipalities continue to raise prices on this limited resource, set caps on usage, and impose fines for water waste, having an educated, trusted professional on your side is crucial.

Xeriscapes uses water in landscapes more efficiently and effectively by starting with a plan that addresses the needs of the owner.

By selecting the right plants, proper irrigation, and smart technology, we put into practice the xeriscape principles.

When planned properly, good water management always has a positive effect on the appearance of a property.

If you are interested in reducing your water waste, managing your outdoor water use, or learning more about a certified water audit or analysis, contact us to schedule an appointment at (602) 252-6434 or info@xeriscapes.com.