In evaluating the performance of Xeriscapes Unlimited, allow me to first explain the conditions when we hired them. Garden Lakes was developed in the 1980′s, financed by Charles Keating. When the real estate crash of the 1980s came, the Resolution Trust organization took over, selling parcels of the development to individual developers. Amazingly, the overall ambiance of the community survived this piecemeal parceling approach. Garden Lakes has 68 acres of common area, 41 of which are turf. We have 28 separate connections to City water, the majority of which are on the two main irrigation loops along the major roads in the community. Since this is effectively one large manifold, all connections to City water must be closed before this manifold can be repaired. To complicate the situation, maintenance had been deferred for budgetary reasons, and on a 20-year-old system, that is asking for trouble. Modifications had been made also, that although they patched an immediate problem, solved little, and the hodge-podge nature of such patches complicated understanding the system.

We hired Xeriscapes in 2007, and there was noticeable difference in the turf soon after. We had one large one acre area of turf that had such bad water pressure it developed “crop circles”, and they found a valve that had been broken and was lost. That area is now green in the summer. After concerted repairs, the repair cost have been decreasing, and are now running 40% of what we used to budget. The common areas have been kept neat, and the turf areas are green in winter and summer. They have a large enough crew to maintain the areas, and provide a porter to help keep things neat. Our community has not looked as neat and well-kept as it does now in the 14 years I have lived here.

To sum up, I heartily recommend Xeriscapes Unlimited from the experiences we have had in the last two and a half years. Xeriscapes Unlimited renovated our landscaping and not only does it look beautiful, but our water consumption has decreased.

David W. White, President, Garden Lakes Community Association

As members of the Board of Directors of the Rancho Sante Fe Homeowners Association, it has been our pleasure to work with Mr. Rod Pappas and his company, Xeriscape Landscaping. RSF is a large area with 1999 homes, has many parks, ball fields, playgrounds and common areas encompassing almost one square mile. Our borders are from Thomas Rd on the north to McDowell Rd. on the south and from Dysart Rd. on the west to the Aqua Fria River to the east. Rod and the workers with Xeriscapes take great pride in their work. A drive through our community will reveal neatly pruned trees, manicured shrubs, well maintained grass areas and neatly raked, litter-free hardscape.

At our monthly meetings, almost on a regular basis, homeowners comment on how great the community looks. Rod attends our meetings and is always available to answer questions from the board concerning progress on major projects, offering bids for upcoming proposals as well as answering questions from individual homeowners concerning landscaping issues they may be having on their personal property. Rod is very knowledgeable concerning landscape maintenance and water conservation.

Any association would be well advised to allow Xeriscapes to be their landscaping contractor.

Board of Directors, Rancho Santa Fe HOA

At our Haven project in Tempe Arizona which our group purchased in late 2005, we have had the privilege of working with Rod Pappas and Robert Jackman of Xeriscapes Unlimited since the inception of our renovation program.

The Xeriscapes team was heavily involved in the planning as well as becoming the “go to” people for our site work. We invested over 1.3 million dollars into our property through Xeriscapes, and their partner subcontractors, and are very pleased with the results.

Rod Pappas, the owner of Xeriscapes was (is) always available for consultation and problem solving sessions. Robert Jackman was the management – supervisor for the project and did an exemplary job. The team assisted us when we needed to make changes due to budget constraints, and made very reasonable suggestions along the way.

Our project involved a 35 acre, 25 year old residential site, with landscaping turf renovations and replacements, removal of an old swimming pool making way for a massive pool and spa area, development of a state of the art pet park, renovations of 2 other swimming pools, a grand entry from Broadway Road that took a whole new look, as well as a new sign in front of the property.

Xeriscapes had a hand in each of these projects on the site in some way, and all were done with high attention to detail, and now they are all completed, our property presents in a whole different light, with a much richer feeling.

Art Collazo, Principal, CG Development Group LLC

Xeriscapes Unlimited has serviced up to 12 Sentinel properties in the Phoenix market close to 30 years. Currently he is servicing seven properties throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area. I have worked with Rod Pappas all these years and his company has provided excellent service. Rod is always available to our needs and if a problem arrives is there to address the issue and follow ups that are we are satisfied with the solution.

Over the years Xeriscapes Unlimited converted turf areas to xeriscape, removed over grown aging shrubs which have reduced our landscape water consumption. In addition his service techs are very thorough in inspecting and maintaining the irrigation systems to also reduce our water consumption.

The weekly landscape crew foreman report to the management of the property to discuss any concerns and then follows up with his team to make sure they were completed and to the satisfaction of management.

Xeriscapes Unlimited has installed several water features and landscape designs that have enhanced the curb appeal of the property and provide an excellent professional new look to the property.

I highly recommend Xeriscapes Unlimited and know that you will be very satisfied with the service they provide.

Debbie Jamieson, District Manager, Sentinel