Well-maintained landscapes improve your property value and curb appeal. Our maintenance department provides an important part of our service and brings more value while on your property because of our Seven Simple Steps.

The Seven Simple Steps was designed and implemented by Xeriscapes Unlimited, Inc. as not only a time-saving device but a safety tool as well. It enables the foreman and laborers to follow a system each time they visit the assigned property. The steps do not mention this, but the real productivity and safety are in the assembly line fashion in which these steps are completed. The entire crew is to work TOGETHER and in UNISON to complete the tasks. Once the final step is completed, there is nothing left to go back and redo and everyone is finished at the same time.

The amount of time spent on each property varies based on the needs of that property. Some of our properties, like health facilities, need to have a dedicated Xeriscapes staff member on site every day of the week. Other locations, like the large homeowners associations and apartment communities, have Xeriscapes crews on the property every day of the week. Equally important are our smaller properties that have small crews one day a week. Our maintenance services can be tailor-made to suit specific needs.

Xeriscapes staff pays close attention to the details often overlooked. Weeds are either removedĀ  by using best practice methods that we feel fits our client needs. Our skilled staff also trims and prunes shrubs, ground cover and trees. We utilize high efficiency equipment, allowing the staff to quickly mow the turf and move on to other areas of the property, like edging, line trimming, blowing and raking.

No matter the size of the crew or the amount of time spent on the property, all Xeriscapes Unlimited clients can count on the commitment to service and excellence we have provided for nearly 30 years!

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