constructionXeriscapes Unlimited Landscape Construction services include hardscapes, installations, irrigation design, landscape design and renovations.

All projects begin with a site visit where all options are discussed. 3D drawings bring the project to life.

Hardscapes: Hardscapes can include sidewalks, pathways, monument signs, retaining walls, privacy walls, paver decks, barbecues, fireplaces, and water features.

Installations: Installations can be as simple as a small plants, a tree, a shrub and assorted flower plantings, or as complex as an entire landscape created to your specifications.

Irrigation: Our certified irrigation experts are dedicated to providing efficient, water-saving irrigation designs that maximize coverage, minimize water waste, and provide the aesthetics which our clients desire.

Design: Good landscape designs take into account the ideas and dreams of the property owners, proper landscape design, aesthetics, best horticultural practices, and environmental sustainability.

Renovation: From time to time, the needs and ideas of the property owners may change, the existing landscape is tired and worn, or poorly cared for, or the owners want to convert from grass and non-native plants to a xeriscaped landscape, which can require a landscape renovation.

Specializing in Landscape Conversions and Turf Renovations: Making a difference in our environment AND saving our clients money is what our turf conversion department is all about. We remove “thirsty” turf and install water-saving, low-maintenance landscape that is colorful, appealing, and that reinvents the desert of Arizona.

Benefits of Conversion:

  • Saving money on water and sewage bills
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Decreased “Slip and Fall” liability
  • Lower maintenance costs for buildings, walls, and sidewalks.

Our construction division also offers:

  • All New Commercial and Residential Installations
  • Sidewalks & Curbing (new and repair)
  • Stucco (new and repair)
  • Cinder-block walls (new and repair)
  • Flagstone & Extruded Landscape Curbing
  • Complete Masonry Services

At Xeriscapes, our commitment to service and excellence continues with ongoing property maintenance.

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