Renovation-style pruning applies horticulture principles that promote an aesthetic appearance of shrubs and groundcovers while using limited resources wisely. This style of pruning requires that shrubs not be pruned until after the plants have bloomed. The exception to this would be where plant material encroaches on sidewalks or obstructs views and poses a safety hazard. When the right plant is used in the right place during construction, those issues can be avoided. Shrubs are the biggest benefactor because they enjoy a healthier, longer life and represent their intended design. In addition, people are able to enjoy the shrubs because they are allowed to bloom fully. And the reason we have plants is for our enjoyment, right?

Shrubs should not be trimmed with power tools or hedgers. Instead, use hand pruners and selectively remove desired branches. Dieback from cold temperatures should be removed to promote spring growth. Shrubs and groundcover should only be pruned after the flowering has completed. Dead, diseased or injured wood should be removed to maintain plant health. Pruning should be done to retain the natural structure and not in formal or geometric shapes, like cubes or balls. Dried seed pods that have not fallen to the ground should be removed. More than 20% of shrub foliage should not be removed on a regular basis.

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