Smart Controllers

Smart Controller

Early model irrigation controllers fail to adequately manage water usage.

We install and maintain state-of-the-art “Smart” Irrigation Controllers. We have the knowledge and the experience to program them properly, per design specifications, adjusted for our desert environment, to only the deliver the amount of water necessary for each type of plant. The result: Efficiency and money saved.

Smart Irrigation Controllers include automatic shutoff, immediate adjustment based on weather, less water demand, and the ability to manually make adjustments remotely via a cell phone or computer.

We remain impressed and pleased by the consistent, proven results from the employment of smart controllers; our staff is certified for installation and maintenance.

Ask us to take a look at your current controllers, evaluate their effectiveness and functionality.

We can then offer you objective feedback on whether your current system just needs a tune up or whether you can enjoy significant water reductions and money savings as a result of installing these state-of-the-art Smart Irrigation Controllers.