Irrigation Design

Xeriscapes Unlimited is a licensed contractor, schooled and experienced in installing correct irrigation systems, fixing poorly designed or poorly functioning irrigation systems. Hire with confidence; hire a licensed contractor. Hire Xeriscapes Unlimited.

Whether redesigning a failed existing irrigation system or designing a new irrigation system for your property, count on the renowned water conservation professionals at Xeriscapes to provide you with objective, smart advice to efficiently and adequately support the water needs of your landscape, and to save you water and money.

The needs of your landscape can vary from plant to plant and from area to area; some areas require daily irrigation while others only need weekly water. Some areas require short cycles and others require long soaks. With every design, we take into consideration the best system, the needs of the property, the users involved, and all levels of complexity.

Whenever possible, we prefer to include Smart irrigation technology to use less water in more targeted ways.