Xeriscape / ZARE—i—SKAPE

noun: A landscaping method developed for arid & semi-arid climates
that utilizes water-conserving techniques, careful selection of drought-tolerant plants,
the practice of plant groupings, mulch, and efficient irrigation.

Which question applies to you?


Are you finally ready to CONVERT your property lawn areas to a water-saving, maintenance-reducing, real-money-saving, yet lush & colorful xeriscape landscape with real value-adding curb appeal?

Are you finally ready to receive an ultra-competitive offer to more affordably MAINTAIN your current xeriscaped property the way you had hoped your property would be maintained?

Every day, we make saving money and water a reality for Valley HOAs, Apartments and Commercial Properties.

For more than 32 years, we have been dreaming up designing, converting, and maintaining water-conserving landscapes for valley HOAs, apartments, commercial properties, management companies, select residential properties, & local developers.

Our Responsible Business Practices Make a Difference: Locally owned and operated for 35+ years. Multiple Award Winner. Licensed Arizona Contractor. Bonded. Insured. Workman’s Compensation Insurance. Triple AAA Rating with AZ Better Business Bureau. All employees e-verified and drug and alcohol screened. Certified Arborists. Licensed/Certified for Pre/Post weed emergent applications.

Saving Facts:

  • Grass & non-native plants: GULPING as much as 70% of your monthly water bill.
  • Xeriscaping: SIPPING just a fraction of your monthly water bill, your maintenance costs, & your money!
  • Call Us Today: We’ll show you how much money you can immediately save…and continue saving, month after month, year after year, after year.


Xeriscapes Unlimited: Design. Maintenance. Irrigation. Construction. Tree care. Green!