Turf Conversion

Turf ConversionConsidering that turf grass is one of the most water-intensive plants in your landscape, it’s no wonder that increasing numbers of Arizona property owners are removing the water-guzzling turf and having their lawns converted to lower maintenance, lower water use landscape.

In addition to water conservation, other reasons may include maintenance, upkeep, liabilities, and aesthetics.

There are substantial benefits to turf conversion.

In addition to the significant reduction in water bills, there may also be a reduction in maintenance fees.

By removing the turf, there is no need for winter seed and fertilizer.

Some municipalities may also offer grants and financial incentives for reducing water consumption.

This is something our team can easily assist our clients with, as we have helped many through the rebate process.

Most municipalities have a water wasting ordinance in effect that prohibits water running off a property to a street, easement, alley or right of way.

This irrigation runoff damages the streets and undermines the asphalt roadways.

Xeriscapes takes the time to do the job right by properly treating the turf so it does not grow back.

We professionally design a lush xeriscape environment and, with the use of technology, we can show you what it will look like before completion.

Often our team can renovate your existing irrigation instead of installing a new system.

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