The Xeriscapes Unlimited WIN-WIN-WIN Program

Xeriscapes Unlimited is a widely-recognized 32-year local landscape company focused on water conservation, and converting to, and maintaining water-sipping xeriscape landscapes across the valley. Reduce your water usage and save big-time money by converting your water-gulping turf and non-native plant areas to smart, water-sipping xeriscape landscaping.

Win-Win-Win Xeriscape Conversion Program; this is indeed a true WIN for future Arizona generations, and a WIN for the property owners and managers, and a WIN for the environment in what will result in: real reductions in water consumption, seed, fertilizer, monthly maintenance costs, and real money in their pocket.

The ten key points of our Xeriscape savings program are:

1. Xeriscape landscaping, properly designed, installed, and maintained, embraces and showcases all of the colorful beauty of our surrounding desert, while merely sipping a fraction of the water of lush lawns and non-native trees and shrubbery. There are striking displays of well-designed, colorful, water-sipping xeriscape landscapes all across the valley—many of which we have designed and currently maintain in pristine condition.

2. Multi-unit properties (HOA, apartments) and commercial properties are among the largest, if not the leading, consumers of water for landscape purposes in the valley—as much as 70% of your monthly water usage is guzzled by your landscape. Yet, hundreds, perhaps thousands of these valley properties still waste water and money on what are the perceived outdated notions of grassy curb appeal or visions of poorly-designed and maintained desert landscapes. With properly designed xeriscape landscaping, water use is often reduced to just 15-28% of a property’s monthly/annual water bill. Conversely, these large valley properties have an opportunity to realistically and permanently reduce your total water landscape consumption by 72-85%.

3. Xeriscapes Unlimited has developed a simple money and water savings calculator model which has realistically shown water savings and money savings to large valley properties.

4. Our models have shown realistic conversion-to-xeriscape water reductions and 100% of the initial xeriscape conversion investment recovery in as little as 3-7 months. Water usage drops dramatically and the large dollar savings add up exponentially in the very first year and remain virtually for life.

5. The water reductions realized are easily validated monthly and periodically by you and your local municipality.

6. Realized savings in this extraordinary program include an almost immediate and substantial reduction in turf-to-xeriscape conversion and ongoing monthly maintenance fees—we’re walking the walk—with you!

7. Any further incentives that we can jointly discuss and offer will only accelerate your potential savings and the realistically-achievable projection of thousands, perhaps tens and hundreds of thousands of gallons in total reductions in water consumption—every year.

8. This program can easily accommodate the strategic placement of water-sipping, full-canopy native trees to reduce the urban heat island impact, as well as accommodate rainwater-catchment systems and low-water-use water-features and gardens.

9. A certain additional, measureable impact is the significant reduction in the carbon footprint in maintenance (from mowers and blowers).

10. The reduction in airborne dust particulates will greatly benefit Maricopa County air quality.