Monsoon_Summer_storm_ArizonaDuring the monsoon, or summer thunderstorm season, Arizona experiences high winds, dust storms, and severe downpours resulting in flash floods. The starting date varies depending on the dew point. The average starting date of the monsoon in Phoenix is July 7th and the average ending date is September 30th. Prior to onset, there is a period of extreme heat which is followed by an influx of moisture. While the start dates and severity of storms are out of our control, we can help to eliminate some of the outcomes.

Every year we see damage to homes, cars and, in some cases personal injury due to trees and branches that were in need of pruning. When we prune or thin the tree’s canopy, it allows wind to pass through the tree easier. For the most part, pruning involves lifting the branches to a height that people can comfortable walk under. If your trees have low hanging branches or if, when you look at them, it is difficult to see through, your trees might be in need of pruning.

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