Rod Pappas

Rod started Xeriscapes Unlimited in 1983 as just one guy with a mower. And, year after year, for more than 32 years, by consistently delivering a great product, listening to his customers, customer referrals, good common sense, strong personal and business ethics, good business skills, and just a bit of luck, Rod has carefully grown his company into one of the most recognized and respected in the valley; Rod is recognized equally by his family, staff, customers, and peers for his personal integrity, water conservation achievements, countless award-winning designs, and in saving customers money.

With Rod leading the water conservation charge, Xeriscapes Unlimited remains laser-focused and a recognized industry leader on Arizona water conservation. In fact, over the years, under Rod and his team have partnered with valley cities and state government water conservation leaders and have literally converted hundreds of valley properties from water-gulping grass and non-native plants to water-sipping native plants; and, in the process, over the years, we have helped valley property owners to save literally millions and millions of gallons of the valley’s precious resource—water. This alone may well be one of Rod’s greatest and proudest business accomplishments—to date. Spend some time with Rod even for a short while and you, too, will come to appreciate his friendly demeanor and dedication to water conservation, and his many passions, personal and professional. Rod and Xeriscapes Unlimited have garnered countless local awards for landscape design, water conservation; Recently, Rod was awarded the lifetime achievement award by ALCA (Arizona Landscape Contractors Association). Rod and his employees devote many hours each year to the Ronald McDonald House in Phoenix.

Rod is a devoted husband and father, and a man with many, many hobbies and interests…boating, hunting, fishing, water skiing, snow skiing, guitar and vocals, hunting, reading, cooking, quad riding, motorcycle riding, and camping.

“My volunteer projects are limited to the Ronald McDonald House here in Phoenix as the Landscape Project Coordinator. I am passionate about all of my activities.” If you get the chance, ask Rod about his rock and roll roots; he is quite the accomplished musician, songwriter, and vocalist, with a storied celebrity past (all good, of course!).