MosquitoStanding water attracts mosquitos, and considering that they can carry the West Nile Virus, this makes finding a solution paramount!

In Arizona, we have retention areas that are designed to collect water runoff. In some cases, due to a variety of reasons, the water is not easily absorbed into the soil. Some properties have installed drains to collect the water. At times, that is not enough and a J-Drain is necessary.

The first step of installing a J-Drain involves locating the area that requires drainage and determining the slope and direction. In some cases, the pattern is random, but in some situations, a gridiron or herringbone pattern would be used.

After utility lines have been located and marked, the field is marked with a chalk line as a guide for trenching. An irrigation trench 2” – 3” wide and to a depth that is 6” below the turf surface is then dug.

Once the J-Drain is unrolled and placed into the trench, the crew can put sand on both sides of the J-Drain and on top. The sod is then replaced, and with proper irrigation, it will regain its color.

If you are experiencing drainage issues, we would love the opportunity to offer our assistance in finding a solution. If you have a retention space with a drain and there is still standing water, this might be a solution for you.

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