Phoenix FloodingValley residents woke Monday morning to freeways, streets, parking lots and many other areas under water. Many schools have closed and Governor Brewer ordered all non-essential state employees to stay home. She also declared a “statewide emergency for areas impacted by today’s severe rainfall and flooding.” Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has reported two inches of rain with other valley areas reporting as high as five inches. Some valley businesses and schools have closed for the day and ADOT issued warnings reminding commuters to avoid driving into areas that are flooded.

After a storm like this, one area that many do not think about is their own landscape water usage. At Xeriscapes Unlimited, we make it a habit to send our irrigation technicians out to all of the properties we maintain and turn off the irrigation controllers. With all of the water received today and all the water we are anticipating over the next few days, it’s clear that mother nature has your outdoor landscape irrigation covered! Go ahead and turn your controller to “rain day” if you have that setting. If not, simply turn the controller off. Just remember to turn it back on after things dry out.

At Xeriscapes Unlimited, using water wisely is at the core of our foundation. If your business or homeowners association has any questions regarding water usage, feel free to reach out to us. Our experts are always here to help.