Fertilizer is used in many areas in our landscape. It provides nutrients for lawns, plants, flowers, trees, and in gardens. Recently, we have spotted a landscape mistake and want to spare our readers the frustration.

This is not the time to fertilize rye grass. This time of year is a rapid growth season for rye grass. Fertilizing rye grass now can cause it to potentially grow one inch a day! So, if you are a fan of mowing, then, by all means, continue to fertilize. The optimal time to fertilize is in June. That will assist the bermuda grass in returning. If you did not plant a winter lawn, then you can fertilize as early as May, provided the nighttime temperatures reach 75 degrees or above.

Each bag of fertilizer has three numbers on it and each number represents a different element. The first number is nitrogen. This element ensures plants have healthy green foliage. The second number is phosphorous, which promotes strong root growth. The third number is potassium, which helps plants withstand stress.

When the time is right from a horticultural standpoint, we encourage the use of fertilizers. We also encourage consulting with an expert anytime you are using fertilizer to ensure which product is best for your application.

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