Water conservation matters to us all, right? It’s becoming less and less of a hippie or “tree hugger” issue and more and more of an issue that fiscally conscious individuals are concerned with. Are you still not convinced? Well, the numbers don’t lie. The amount of water needed for a landscape that is comprised of turf versus a desert landscape is drastically different. But don’t take my word for it. Let’s look at a resource the City of Mesa has on their website.

Let’s compare the water cost for 40,000 square feet of turf. The approximate water cost for the year, according to the City of Mesa, would be close to $5,000.

city of Mesa water comp turf





Now, let’s consider removing the turf and replacing it with desert landscape. This is commonly known as a turf conversion. Our crew would remove the turf, modify irrigation, install granite and desert plants. The cost for the desert landscape water, according to the City of Mesa website, would be approximately $2,100.

city of mesa desert comp





Try it for your own property by visiting http://apps.mesaaz.gov/watercalculator/. This type of conversion is something we have expertise in and would be happy to assist your community or commercial property.