RosesFresh cut roses are lovely, but they eventually will die. Have you considered giving a gift that can be enjoyed for years to come? This is a great time to give and plant bare root roses. If you select this as a gift, we have a few tips that will make you look like a super star or, more to the point, a super horticulturalist!

Before planting the bare root roses, remove them from the packaging along with all of the excess saw dust. Cut one to two inches of the roots off. Then soak the roots in water for twenty-four hours. As roses are growing, they will need to be fed often. As soon as new canes sprout, this is a good indicator that fertilizer is necessary.

Once the roses bloom, it is necessary to remove the spent bloom. This is referred to as dead-heading. If you have noticed that the roses are growing in a direction that impedes traffic and you want to redirect the growth, this is the time to do it. Simply cut at the next node that is pointing in the direction you wish the rose to grow. Be sure to cut down and away from the node.

If you have just planted your roses, you likely won’t do this next step. But keep in mind that in December, when you cut the canes down, the height should be staggered. Doing this will encourage natural re-growth. After making these cuts dab the cut with Elmer’s glue to prevent cane beetles from entering the fresh cut stem.