Landscape Services

Xeriscapes Unlimited provides an unrivaled scope of in-house landscape services designed to enhance community and commercial properties while protecting our unique desert environment. We combine over 50 years of experience, aesthetics, and efficient maintenance practices to deliver the best possible customer service. The result is an incomparably beautiful landscape that is in harmony with our desert resources.

Each Xeriscapes landscape maintenance client has a specific crew that is assigned to their property. The consistency of the same team from week to week is one of the many ways we maintain the property efficiently. It also provides an extra set of eyes on the property familiar with the norms for that location. Our staff is encouraged to notice and verbalize things that seem out of the ordinary, even if they do not relate to landscaping. For example, if our staff noticed a moving truck with no logo or branding and thought things were not on the “up and up”, they would bring that to our attention for further investigation. This is just one of the many ways we strive to be more than a vendor and see ourselves as your partner.

Each maintenance client is assigned an irrigation technician for a specified routine time period based on the needs of the property. Before beginning irrigation maintenance services on a property, our trained professionals provide an initial system analysis with field recommendations. Inspections of the irrigation system are done daily or weekly depending on the needs of the property. Good irrigation is one of the segments often overlooked within landscape services and, yet, it is the most crucial. A well-maintained irrigation system is not only cost effective but it can also help prevent legal liabilities.

Our construction division specializes in landscape renovations and capital enhancements. We have the experience and skill to handle any size project. Our team can work with plans provided by architects or assist in creating them. We use the highest quality materials and use state-of-the-art technology to make sure all parties are in agreement with the desired outcome before the project begins.

Regardless of the area serviced on your property and your needs, you can count on the Xeriscapes Unlimited staff to be consistent, reliable, and available. Our proactive approach is designed to avoid reactive situations. This proactivity will aid in your community’s appearance. All of this means that managers, homeowners, and board members can focus on other areas and leave the landscaping to us!

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