Water Conservation at Home

Are you finding it difficult to save on water at home or in your workplace? Maybe you’re not in a position to make any major changes to your system at this time, but a few simple changes here and there can really add up to plenty of savings! Improvenet’s... read more

Renovation-Style Pruning

Renovation-style pruning applies horticulture principles that promote an aesthetic appearance of shrubs and groundcovers while using limited resources wisely. This style of pruning requires that shrubs not be pruned until after the plants have bloomed. The exception... read more

Water Smart; It’s Not Just For Hippies

Water conservation matters to us all, right? It’s becoming less and less of a hippie or “tree hugger” issue and more and more of an issue that fiscally conscious individuals are concerned with. Are you still not convinced? Well, the numbers don’t lie. The amount of... read more

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…Is Your Controller Off?

After a storm like this, one area that many do not think about is their own landscape water usage. At Xeriscapes Unlimited, we make it a habit to send our irrigation technicians out to all of the properties we maintain and turn off the irrigation controllers.

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What happened to my turf this summer?

You may be noticing areas where the summer grass (bermuda) is just not growing as well as it did some years prior. There are several explanations to this, so let me start with the most common reason, and that is shade. The small trees that you once had have turned... read more

Holiday Haboob

As 4th of July preparations were well underway, we also experienced an unexpected haboob. This is defined as an intense dust storm. During thunderstorm formation, winds move in a direction opposite to the storm’s travel. Additionally, they move from all... read more

Free Irrigation System Checkup and Analysis

Smart irrigation goes well beyond simply having desert landscape. At Xeriscapes, we have seen many properties that have smart controllers, minimal turf, and water-wise plants, yet they still waste water. How can this be you might ask? It is simple and complicated all... read more

Mother’s Day

Gifts are wonderful and always appreciated, but sometimes simply taking the time to let those that have helped to shape our lives, taught lessons, and made sacrifices for our greater good, know the impact they have had. That gift is priceless. In this spirit, we asked some of our employees of Xeriscapes Unlimited, Inc. to share the impact their mothers had on them.

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Fertilizer Facts

Fertilizer is used in many areas in our landscape. It provides nutrients for lawns, plants, flowers, trees, and in gardens. Recently, we have spotted a landscape mistake and want to spare our readers the frustration. This is not the time to fertilize rye grass. This... read more

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Spider mites are less than one millimeter in size and vary in color. They typically live on the underside of the leaves of plants. The spider mite punctures the plant so it can feed which causes damage to the plant cells. The spider mite has whiplike mouthparts that... read more